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Places in the Sun – Post-colonial dialogues in Europe and beyond

Places in the Sun

Post-colonial dialogues in Europe and beyond

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978-3-947214-09-9 (ISBN)

Places in the Sun is a project run by a team from the Institute for a Greater Europe for the Europe Lab Project, run by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum e.V! Started in January 2021, this project was funded with the help of the Civil Society Forum and its sponsors.

The core project is a Book of 23 chapters, exploring post-colonial dialogues in a range of themes, from Decolonialism in the West, Post-Socialism through Post-Colonialism, and exploring a Dialogue between the Second and Third Worlds. The team is extremely proud of the work the authors have put in, and thank their dedication and hard work for this publication.

This website stands as the repository for all Places in the Sun (PITS) material! You can download the book by clicking the cover to your left, check out the rest of our material below, and even register to be added to a waiting list for the book later in our 2nd print run!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and help for this project. All donations towards PITS goes back into supporting the Institute for a Greater Europe and continues their non-profit activities. More information about the Institute can be found on our website here, on the Europe Lab here, and for the Civil Society Forum here

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, if you’d also like to support the Institute for a Greater Europe, please consider donating to our Paypal!

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