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Europe:Beyond – Places in the Sun


Europe:Beyond is the Institute’s very own magazine published online. Started in 2021 it’s a roundup of current events, news from the Institute, and publications from writers all over the world. You can check out our first winter edition below. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of Europe:Beyond, email our editors at magazine@institutegreatereurope.com

In this special edition we focus on Decolonizing the feminist ideal, tying many of the works of Places in the Sun with other important issues to focus on. Check out the magazine below, you can also find it on the Institute’s main website here!

Download Europe:Beyond Vol.2 Here

Thanks to
The Managing Editor Jack Lashendock
Editor-in-Chief Valentin Luntumbue
Supporting Editor Ruxandra Seniuc
IGE Chairman Philippe Lefevre
Philippe Lefevre: Updates from the Institute
Daphné Charotte: CSDP Military Operations
A Matter of Post-Colonial Ties
Thomas Yaw Voets: 21st Century Colonialism
The British Indian Ocean Territory
Inês Raquel: Decolonizing the West-Centered Idea of Feminism
Photo Series: Places in the Sun

Part I: Decolonialism in the West
Photograph: Laura Luciani, Brussels, Belgium
Text: Valentin Lutumbue, Brussels, Belgium

Part II: Exploring Post-Socialism through Post-Colonialism
David Saveliev, Magnitogorsk, Russia, December 26, 2020
Part III: I A Dialogue of the Second and Third Worlds
Valentin Lutumbue, Moscow, Russian Federation
Stephan Raab and Ruxandra Seniuc: The IGE Book Review and Reading List
Stephan Raab – World Ordering
A Social Theory of Cognitive Evolution by Emmanuel Adler
Achim Alan de Merlo: The Notion of Africa and the European Identity Evolution Within EU Official Documentation Since 1973 to the Nineties