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The Greater European Talks – Places in the Sun

The Greater European Talks

The Greater European Talks is the Institute for a Greater Europe’s own Podcast!

As part of the PITS two of our podcasts with the Greater European Talks were presented with the Europe Lab and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum!

You can find the GET wherever you get your podcasts and on Spotify!

In Episode #30 we were very thankful to the team of Bodies Unbound, another Europe Lab Project for talking to us about their project! Bodies Unbound is an important project run by April Yee, Lena Chen and Elise Hanrahan about reckoning with Europe’s long history of policing the bodies of women of colour. As part of the Europe Lab with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, they are working to put together a performance documentary poetry that will bring to light European histories of sexist and racist policing, while centering the women of color who seek liberation from state control. We talk to the projects organisers to talk more about the importance of the topic in todays world, as well as the challenges in creating it. Make sure to check out Bodies Unbound when it is unveiled at the Europe Lab 2021 alongside IGEs project Places in the Sun.

For further information about some of the sources we mentioned during the podcast, see: https://www.nourbese.com/poetry/zong-3/ https://www.shondaland.com/act/a36080121/colonial-history-that-contributed-to-atlanta-shootingsI/

In Episode #33 we were delighted to talk to Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, about her part in their new report on the state of civil society. With Covid-19 having wrought havoc on our societies, economies, and people, what has the effects of the pandemic been on Civil society organisations? We explore some of the reports findings, as well as some insights from Anna herself, with decades of experience in working in Civil Society. You can find more information and the report on the EU Russia CSF’s website here https://eu-russia-csf.org/project/state-of-civil-society/

If you’d like to talk with us on the Greater European Talks, feel free to reach out to us at communications@institutegreatereurope.com!